Monday, February 07, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

The real identity of this blog is a Record Of Our Family. Not this stuff I have been tossing out there lately. In an effort to make-up for my being off track recently, I am tossing out a handful of cuteness in hopes that you won't abandon all hope.

The peanut butter smeared across Elizabeth's face fades fast away as she smiles her now gap-toothed sunshiney smile.

All three of our lovely little ladies. Note the bangs on Sarah Grace. I was trimming her hair Saturday night when she asked me is she could have 'some of those little hairs that go on your front head'. I blinked several times before my thoughts started back up and then asked if she meant 'bangs'? 'Yeah! Can I have some of doze?'

Saturday, I laid out mini-marshmallows and tooth-picks on the table for the kids 'snack'. Then I showed them how to build. Joshua joined in on the fun, and an hour later, the marshmallows were finally eaten all gone. An hour! Y'all, try this at home.

There were some pretty cool structures built. Joshua taught the older two how to make a ball that actually stood up to being tossed around a bit.

Anna opted to eat rather than bother with the whole building bit. She scarfed down her allotted white, sugary goodness, then waltzed around with two tooth-picks announcing 'I did it!'

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The Farmer Files said...

You know, I am contemplating bangs myself. ;) Cute.