Thursday, February 03, 2011

Making Time For Him

As I sat down on the couch and heaved a huge sigh of exhaustion and thanks that the kids were tucked in for the night, I was struck by the profound statement this image made to me.

That's my day planner sitting on top of my Bible.

I had spent the day running to and fro, working to accomplish all the multitude of tasks that are on my Daily Docket. The kids had been schooled, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner had been served, the kitchen was cleaned up, the laundry had been processed, books had been read, squabbles had been put to rest, toys had been played with and put away, boo-boos had been kissed, cuddles had been cherished, eyes had been rolled (mine), diapers had been changed, pajamas had been discarded for day clothes, day clothes had been tossed over for pajamas, noses had been wiped, fingers had been counted, ironing had been done, beds had been made, personal hygiene had been seen to (theirs and mine), questions, questions, questions, questions, questions had been answered... until, at last, bedtime prayers had been heard.

My day was done. I was done. I had checked things off the list and done my best to be a good Mommy to the Munchkin Brigade. And yet...

Though, I had done Bible reading with the kids, I hadn't taken any time for myself. To breath in a few passages and dwell on them.

Being a Mom of Many can be so demanding and overwhelming that we forget our own needs. We get so caught up nourishing those around us that we neglect our own soul nourishment. Often it's not until we're banging our head against a wall in total burn-out that we realize what is at stake when we don't spend time seeking God, listening for the still small voice that get trampled by our small people with voices.

I encourage you to do whatever it takes to set a time aside for yourself and God's word each day. Get up earlier, go to bed later. Plop the Littles in front of a short movie. I have taken to giving each child their Bible and curling up with my own. I demand quiet from them. This exercise is encouraging for us all. Mommy gets her much needed Bible and prayer time, the children are learning to set aside a time for Bible reading, and they are seeing Mommy make time for her relationship with Him. This is so win-win-win!

How do you handle Bible time or having a quiet time with all your Munchkins underfoot?


Laura Forman said...

oh dear friend...i deal with the same thing! praying that you find time with Him, will you pray the same for me too?

The Bouldins said...

Ugh. These kicks in the rear end by God are rather painful. I've been dealing with this all week.

New Bible study started ...

"But God, it's HAAAAARD ... "
"But God, it's not the saaaaaame as the last one ... "
"But God, I don't liiiiiiiiiiike it ... "

excuses excuses excuses

and then the ultimate ...

"But God, I don't have time!"

And then my world slowly starts spinning out of control ...

And I hear Him, "I think I can help with that."


I'm still learning. So, so slowly.

The Farmer Files said...

No solutions here. But I AM using the Bible reading calendar for shirkers and slackers.