Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Celebrating The Small Stuff

I didn't train for a 10k or even a 5k. I haven't finished decorating my house. I haven't even finished a single room. I haven't written a book, or managed to turn my blog into a must-read. I didn't to sew a beautiful collection of clothes for my girls for winter. Not a single dress. I haven't perfected bread making. I didn't read the top one hundred most loved books. I'm not working toward anything life changing or meaningful to the world at large.

In fact, the year will be drawing to a close in less than two months and my list of grand accomplishments is not shiny enough to make anyone do more than possibly glance at it. If I dwell on this, I get discouraged. There are movers and shakers out there who have just as many daily responsibilities as I do and they are doing things and going places.

Me? I did laundry and went to the grocery store occasionally.

But! I did do those things! Several times over. And I read to my kids. I completed small craft projects that bring a smile to my face. I painted walls. I survived soccer season with two children playing back to back games every. single. Saturday. I potty trained a child. I got a grain mill so I could mill my own wheat and make super healthy bread for my family. I learned to properly run a budget and use our income to better serve our family and others. I pulled up poison ivy. I went to Haiti. I finally got around to getting hooks up inside the coat closet for the kids to better be able to hang their own jackets up. I kept the bathrooms clean. I've helped friends in need. I've spent sweet time with precious family. I've enjoyed Bible Study. I've sang songs at the top of my lungs as my kids and I danced around the house. I've cried over movies. I've cried over struggles. I've cried over losses. I've watched in amazement as my children have learned new tricks and mastered concepts and memorized chunks of Scripture. I've taken my kids to the Botanical Gardens. I've taken them to friends houses. I've snuck in one on one time with each child regularly. I've been on more dates with my husband. I have stepped outside my comfort zone and survived. I completed my first year of 'homeschooling' and am well into my second year with two very willing students. I've overslept and still made it on time. I've cooked new-to-our-family recipes and added to the list of things we really like. I remembered to schedule our family pictures. I've done egg hunts and pumpkin patch and Christmas lights. I've kissed boo-boos and feverish children. And my husband! I've survived the first trimester of my hardest pregnancy to date. I've played Santa Claus and Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. I've weeded and planted and, well, the plants died. I learned to make cornbread. I've made new friends and reunited with old ones. I've learned to make yummy, yummy, yummy home-made cinnamon rolls. I've received hugs and kisses and works of art from pudgy fingers. I've enjoyed long evenings with good friends. I made a Bugs Bunny costume for my son in a matter of hours. I've enjoyed hours of listening to my husband play piano. I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin. I've cuddled puppies and kittens. I've watched with pride as my husband and kids grew cucumbers and tomatoes. I've survived rainy days and rowdy children with a smidge of sanity left over at the end. I've enjoyed listening as my husband reads aloud to our family. I've not burned myself majorly with the hot glue gun.

There are thousands of little things that nobody gives gold stars for, but they should. There are accomplishments in the lives of Mommy's every single day that go unnoticed. If your feeling discouraged, sit down, make your list, and revel in it.

And if your willing, share a few favorite. I'd love to hear what your up to!


The Bouldins said...

I learned how to use a drill press. And a table saw. I made new friends. I watched my boy learn how to jump. I cheered as my girl learned how to skip. We made it out of our PJs nearly every single day. I dug up about fourteen tons of earthworms for the kids to look at. I went to the zoo. I read books that challenged me. I made play dough.

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

A thousand gold stars to the Brave Mama!

Anonymous said...

I finally learned how to install the carseat. I decided to stay at home and started learning how to be a one-income family. I learned to love my crock pot. I learned to be more honest and assertive and not be afraid of the response.


The Roap Family said...

Your list is amazing and like I have told you before, YOU are amazing! I look up to you more than you know.