Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sarah Takes A Mini-Vay

At 9 Friday night, my Mom called me.

'Can I take Sarah Grace to the beach with me this weekend? We need to leave about 9 in the morning...'

After a few minutes of getting the details straight, it was deemed that my 5 year old daughter would take her first trip to the beach. With my Mom and my sister.

But not me.

The bitterness subsided the minute I heard my little girl exclaim about chasing sand crabs.

That was two weeks ago. The stories are still forthcoming. She still crops up with a memory and an incredibly huge grin as she regales us with some memory from her three day trip.

If you follow me on Twitter, you also know that my beloved daughter didn't take the trip without communication. My iPhone got to go, too! The pictures I growled at my sister to take give me the giggles. It's a little like an out of body experience, since I wasn't there but the pictures are all on my phone!

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