Thursday, June 24, 2010

Note To Self

I have always been the type of person who forgets things easily. In fact, probably the best thing that ever happened to my memory was this little beauty back around 2001-ish. In fact, I have only suffered through one year since then without my 'brain on paper'.

I have no earthly idea how I survived life prior to that little notebook.

Perhaps a clue is I just wrote notes to myself. Recently, in a completely off the wall place, a handful of old notes were found. You know, the ones kids pass back and forth in the hall ways in school. It was a trip reading those letters, let me tell you. Several from and old boyfriend, a handful from various friends, and two from me. To me. From me.

One was just a list of things that I needed to deal with (my To Do list now resides in my Household Notebook and gets lots of attention and neglect) but the other made me smile. It is dated May 16, 1995. I have no idea what I copied it from or who may have used it in some manner, but it struck me enough then to write it down, and I have reflected on it several times since finding it and reading it again, 15 years later.

Learn to listen like a Teddy Bear,
With ears open and mouth closed tight.
Learn to forgive like a Teddy Bear,
With heart open, not caring who is right.
Learn to love like a Teddy Bear,
With arms open and imperfect sight.

I might need to revisit the days when I cross stitched and whip up a cute little Teddy Bear poem and with a sweet Teddy Bear...

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The Farmer Files said...

sheesh...mouth closed tight...should have read this yesterday.