Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Inner Genius Shines Again

No, really, I have genius.

Not, 'I am a genius'.

Just I have genius.

It shows through from time to time when it manages to heft itself from beneath the mounds of not-so-genius flotsam in my brain. Usually in tiny things, like remembering sippee cups for all the kids, diapers for the baby, and snacks for everyone. Or having matching socks on everyone.

Once in a decade or so, I have major genius moments. I would say marrying my husband was genius, but it was really just common sense. When somebody is that awesome and loves you and you love them back, it would be just plain stupid to say 'No.' when he popped the question. Or even, 'Lemme get back to you on that.'

And I am not stupid.


However, none of those Major Genius moments are coming to the fore. Anybody who knows me IRL wanna help me out here?

Today, though, I had a genius moment.

The towel hanger-upper-thingy has been more than a bit loose for about two or three weeks now. I keep meaning to point it out to Joshua (other than at 7AM) and let him work his Male Magic on it. Alas, my memory is not what it used to be.

Which is how I found myself in the bathroom brushing my teeth and eying that hangy-doodgie-thing. I was tired of it scaring the bejeebers out of me every time I dried my hands on the towel.

I reached out to it, with my toothbrush still hanging out of my mouth, and started to move the ring upward to see if I could gain some understanding of how this thing must work. As I lifted up, the ring came right off the wall.

I nearly choked on toothpaste foam.

Because I am a jumpy sort.

When I recovered, I saw that there was just a screw protruding from the wall, and the white porcelain cone was held into place by tension from the ring and the wall. All I had to do was fit the hole that was in the part attatched to the ring over the screw and start twisting it around and around and around. And around.

It took so long to get the thing tightened that I stopped and finished brushing my teeth. Toothpaste is not my favorite flavor, and now that I knew what to do, I was fairly certain I could hold on to the concept for a few more moments.

And that is my genius moment for the day. A simple household repair.

Let me tell you, that thing not threatening to jump off the wall and crush one of my little toes redeemed my day, which was less-than-novel.

Well, that and the apple crumb dessert that I have near perfected.


Hannah said...

Sheer genius! That apple crisp looks so yummy! I hope you are enjoying it! Its making my mouth water just looking at it. And hey, weren't we going to get together sometime?? :)

Laura Forman said...

I am very proud of you dear, now I want that recipe, it looks delish! I had something else to tell you from one of your other posts the other was all good and encouraging..but, I forgot. Mommy Brain...maybe it will come back and if so I will tell you.