Friday, January 01, 2010

Anna Joy - 13 Months

I am 13 months and...

...I have three modes of mobility; crawling, walking, and being carried in your arms.
...I am quite opinionated. My lack of verbal language is almost completely negated due to my incredible facial expressions and ability to point with my finger or push away with my hand.
...I am in possession of two, count them, two teeth. lack of teeth does not deter me from eating pretty much anything I want.
...I love my Angel Baby. She is frequently found in my hands having her nose pulled or her eyes poked at. When I am not assaulting her, I tote her around from room to room. She is almost as important as my beloved blanket at bed time.

...I am a climber. If I can get my leg up on it, I will hoist my body up and then stand on it. Whatever IT is. climbing has taught me that rocking chairs are not good things to stand on. temper is picking up and my Daddy refers to me as either Anna Jekyll or Anna Hyde depending on what my mood of the moment is.
...I refuse to take a sippy cup. Or sip from a straw. But I am more than happy to drink like a Big Person out of your cup. sense of humor is also developing and my favorite audience for my antics are my brother and sisters. They never fail to laugh at the least little thing I do!

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