Thursday, December 03, 2009


Life had been going at a leisurely pace around here. There isn't much happening besides the daily routine. I find myself wondering what we did on any given day. trying to remember something remarkable or blog worthy. Fact is, we are just maintaining and enjoying each other. I did find a few things that made me smile as I was clearing out the camera's memory card.

Here, you see the independence of a Certain Boy who is learning to write and sound out words. He absconded with a pad of sticky notes and a pencil. Then he proceeded to write 'HELP' on several of them with his signature 'TOM' (he informed me a while back that 'Tom' was easier to write than 'Thomas' and, unless he is instructed otherwise, signs his name in it's diminutive form.) He then stuck those little notes to objects around the house that he had questions about and waited for his Daddy to get home.

When Joshua arrived, I pointed out the little notes to him. He smiled and patiently walked around the house with Thomas answering his questions. They discussed the fireplace and how it worked...

...just how it was that pushing a key on the piano caused sound to come forth (and we all wished for a grand piano to better illustrate the striking of the hammer on the strings)...

...the meaning of the flag and why it was presented to Granny when Papa Joe passed away...

I have no idea how many topics they covered that evening. But we called it science for the week!

Then there was this picture that depicts an evening of work for Joshua and the girls. They blew and raked and hauled and burned leaves. I captured the girl's favorite aspect of this job and thought I would share it.

Baking day has been reinstated. It's not a particular day of the week, and right now it happens more like every two weeks, but it is back. This makes me very happy. I can bake with the kids all day long. Well, okay, until somebody dumps something or starts whining about how they wanted to do this and so-and-so gets to do it instead. Then I unravel, but I am trying to keep it reined in so that we can all experience kitchen joys. The girls recently helped me make a massive batch of muffins. I am thinking I am in great need of a larger mixing bowl and some of these.

Life is good and we are enjoying it.

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