Sunday, November 01, 2009

Anna Joy - 11 Months

I am eleven months old, and...

...I officially am not nursing any longer.
...I have finally cut my first tooth!
...I can wave bye-bye.
...I love to crawl up to you and head butt you in the shins until you pick me up.
...I also enjoy pulling myself up on your legs and yelping at you until you pick me up.
...I am also quite talented at just sitting on the floor and reaching my hands out to you and smiling and yelping until you pick me up.
...I am a pro at crawling around after you and crying until you pick me up.
...I love to feed myself!
...I like crayons. Taste great, less filling.
...I have a lot of fun in the laundry room.
...I like to push the laundry basket around while I walk behind it.
...I am really good at unfolding the laundry and stashing it in various places.
...Mommy is totally in denial of my progressing age.
...despite my lack of words, I can definitely get my point across.
...I have earned the nickname Mouse for all my scrounging around and managing to find every single little thing that gets left on the floor.
...I am the quintessential baby of the family...everybody loves the baby!!


The Bouldins said...

I'm sorry ... why are you letting that child grow up so fast?!?!?! Is it because she gets sweeter and sweeter? That would be a good reason.

Memum said...

and SUCH a cute lil stinker!!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

What a cute little skunk! :-)

Christine said...

Aww! I love these posts! They will be tremendous memories, as your children grow! Many blessings!