Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In The Silence of This Moment...

There's always fodder for 'Kids Say The Darndest Things' at our house. In general, I try not to subject people to it too terribly much. Occasionally, I have to get some of these things written down.

Sarah Grace is passionate about learning to read. The competitive streak in that kid is about eighteen miles wide, and it is killing her that Thomas can read.

'But why can't I read, Mommy?'

'Baby, you have to learn all your letter sounds first. Then you'll learn to string them together and make words.'

'But I can read because I can talk.'

Oh my, can she ever. Not a meal goes by that we don't remind her at least forty-six times to concentrate more on her food and less on sharing information.

Thomas is giving in on his bid for the presidency. He has opted, instead, to be king. He apparently didn't like the part about needing to be voted into an office and the very real possibility of not being voted for a second term.

Elizabeth, well, she's just sweet. Can't admit to wrong-doing to save her life, but perfectly adorable as she answers 'I doughno' to questions that could lead to proof of her guilt.

As for Anna, well, she has no words. She has screeches and wails and smiles and gibber.

Rarely is there a quiet moment around here...and when there is, I think about the happy noisiness that happens throughout the day. This life of mine is filled with a happy hub-bub.

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Memum said...

You must get that from your Mimi-I was always reminding you all that I only have two ears that hear one at a time!