Thursday, October 08, 2009

High Fashion & More On The Noise Levels

I try to dress my children in cute clothes. I really do. But at some point their own sense of fashion competes with mine and, in order to keep the noise at bay so my head doesn't explode promote a sense of independence in my children, I just help with the major stuff. The details get left up to them. When I say major, understand that this means brushing their hair and asking if they remembered their underwear. Details include everything else.

The day comes when I just have to let go and let them do their thing, though. For instance, this little get-up...

That is part me and part Elizabeth. The dress and bow part? That is me. The leggings and the wear her brother's shoes part? All her. Here's a close up, just for you!

And what was she doing in that statement making wardrobe of hers? Spraying the brick walls with water to make sure that they were clean. I can't even begin to tell you how tickled that made me when she explained it all to me.

While Elizabeth was diligently washing the bricks down, Anna was just on the other side of the screen door jumping and bouncing and spinning and squealing. I think she may have even been pointing out spots Elizabeth missed on the wall.

At some point, the the older three kids ditched any and all idea of cleaning and chose to eat a snack on the back deck. I was puttering around doing odds and ends while Anna snacked on some Oh's when I heard a great and wonderful noise from the depths of the yard.

'Mommy! I love you! Anna! I love you!'

This in unison from Thomas, Sarah Grace, and Elizabeth. My heart swelled and my face smiled. Especially when Anna called back to them.

'Aaaaahhhhh!!!' She said as she smiled and reached out towards the open windows where the noise drifted in.

To my utter delight, the kids responded to Anna with another 'I love you!' chorus. This life of mine is so hard sometimes.

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The Roap Family said...

That is a proud mommy moment when your adorable children show and express their love, makes my heart melt! I think Elizabeth is stylin!!