Monday, September 07, 2009

To The Bat Cave!

We spent Labor Day in what Joshua referred to as a 'gently occupied' manner. We made no big plans to go anywhere or do anything. We just kind of slept in a little (as much as the Munchkin Brigade would let us), lazed the morning away, then went for a picnic lunch at the playground. Afterwords, we came back home and took a nice, long nap.

Joshua and Thomas worked on Thomas' bike. They put a new inner tube in his back tire and adjusted the training wheels to encourage balance. We have high hopes of seeing him lose the training wheels in a few weeks. He was awesome!

At some point, Joshua went up into the attic to fetch something for his Mom. He came back down and announced we had lodgers. I eyed him curiously and he went on to tell me we had 17 bats sleeping in our attic.

Nice, yes?

The kids and I all climbed the attic ladder and gazed upon our sleeping guests. There are actually 18 bats there. One even stretched a little.

The kids were full of questions about the bats and even fuller on excitement about the possibility of living in the attic. Sarah Grace was all about some attic living. I reminded her that there was no bathroom and no kitchen. She seemed undeterred. Finally, I just told her we simply would not be living in the attic.

With the bats.

We really do try to be hospitable!


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. you took that much better than I would have. Yeeurgh! LOL

The Bouldins said...

hahahahahahaha! (That's at Sarah Grace's plan, not your bats ... ewwwww!) I wonder if she was scoping it out for just herself or if she wanted everyone up there with her so she didn't get lonely.

Missi said...

so, you are getting rid of them right? I've heard horror stories of people getting bitten in their sleep when bats get in. Yikes. I'm just sayin'.... =P

Owen said...

Since Josh is excellent at working with wood, why not try building a bat house with the kids? If you have a tree near the attic vent, you can mount it there. The houses are pretty easy to build. Here's a link to a commercial one:

Owen said...

On second thought, you might want to leave them in your attic. Bat guano is an excellent fertilizer for plants. It is also great for compost bins too.

Memum said...

Nice Birthday Guests for you and Diane!!

The Roap Family said...

WOW. I certainly would have not crawled up in the attic and gazed at them... with my children ;) You are a brave woman. So are they going to be your new pets?!