Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Each Day Has It's Own Thing To Be Remembered

The day started off with me sitting in a chair, freshly showered and wearing clean clothes (and it wasn't yet 7:30) giving a bottle to Anna. Who apparently wasn't very interested, as after a few moments, I began to have a cool, wet sensation in my lap.

No, I hadn't peed myself. The baby was leaking formula out of her mouth. Her way of telling me 'I don't want this!' My freshly showered and clean clothes wearing self now was soaked in and reeked of formula.

That'll teach me to get up early!

Then I had to call Lora and tell her that our original plans for the day were to be put on hold for a week. She suggested an early lunch at a favorite County Store and Eatery of ours. I steered the crew in the direction of clothing and getting themselves towards the vehicle.

I know you are all assured of my competency, so let's not even go into detail as to the how's of this little crumb. As we headed out to the interstate, Elizabeth piped up from the back of the van.

'Mommy, whare my diaper?'

Thinking she was just prattling on, I laughed and said, 'On your bummy, silly girl.'

'I not dot a diaper and bwoomers, Mommy!' she replied, giggling her most mischievous little giggle.

People, I just about slammed on the brakes. I hadn't packed a diaper bag. No diapers, no wipes, no NOTHING. Anna had just enjoyed a very late breakfast that took me off the hook for feeding her while the rest of us ate lunch, I'd put fresh diapers on the little girls just before we left. I was not prepared for anything, thereby breaking the sacred Mommy Code. Oh, and how.

I pulled over and checked, and sure enough...nothing but skin greeted my eyes. I frantically dug around in the pockets of the van and thankfully unearthed one blessed diaper. A size too small, but who's keeping track at this point?

Catastrophe averted, we pulled out and continued on our way.

Lunch was lovely.

Check here to see Lora's tale of the lunch date. She makes it sound so...entertaining.


The Bouldins said...

at least she told you!

Missi said...

I agree! What a helpful little stinker to let you know! LOL