Friday, June 12, 2009

Drum Roll!!!

Ya'll, I am overwhelmed. I simply did not expect that many comments! Way to go, people!

I will be kind to you though, and not ramble any longer. You didn't come here to hear accolades. You cam for the winning number. Thanks to this was super easy. It said #14 was the lucky winner and I counted down to the fourteenth comment (twice, to be sure) and the winner is ...

Jenna! With her twins due in four months! Congratulations!! Girl, I am gonna need a picture of you Moby-ing around with those sweet babies!

I will send you all the information you need to claim this super-duper prize.

I would like to say something witty and intelligent, but the fact is I have to go to some big box store and get some arm floaties for my kids so they can go for swim lessons this afternoon! So, your off the hook.

Thanks all for entering and have a happy and blessed Friday!!!

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