Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Wedding!!

This has been a week full of celebrations. Baby Graham, Thomas' graduation, and now a wedding! The week ranks towards the top on Aubrey's Scale of Goodness

We had the privilege of traveling to Tennessee to participate in the wedding festivities of one of Joshua's old college room-mates. Andrew and Joshua go back to their first year of college, and have enjoyed their friendship for many years now.

Andrew is an encouragement. He is very focused in his walk with Christ, and he has a kind and gentle demeanor that just radiates around him. Fittingly, he is a doctor, and enjoys taking his training and talents into the the mission fields. Joshua and I have often wondered at what kind of woman it would take to turn his head.

The answer is... one just like him. While I barely spoke with Heather, I listened to Andrew's praises of her. I heard lots of people from her hometown speak about her and her growing up years. I look forward to the occasion when I do get to sit and chat with her for a while, so great were their observations. She is also incredibly committed to Christ, a doctor, and a mission worker. It is so exciting to think of what kind of plans the Lord must have for Andrew and Heather!

The wedding was one of the sweetest I have ever attended. The couple turned their attention first towards praising God, then towards their vows. I know that doesn't do justice to the celebration, but I can't think of how to best express it. I am not a writer by nature, and can't find words to describe how much more than just a wedding this was. Just trust me, it was amazing.

Joshua and Andrew. Anna was simply enthralled with the medals on Andrew's Navy uniform!

The Bride and Groom trying to find the seats under the sea of balloons stuffed into the Jeep.

There they go!

Congratulations, Doctor & Doctor Bright!!


God, My Savior Forever! said...

What a great tribute to a wonderful couple. It's refreshing to meet Christian doctors. I am int he medical field and it's so hard to find doctors who life to serve our God. May the Lord bless this beautiful couple. Great pics btw!


Laura Forman said...

I am so glad to hear that Andrew is doing well and that he is now married! Thanks for sharing pictures with us!! Glad you had a great weekend too :) Love you friend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing--I love the pic of Joshua and Andrew--they are so genuinely happy.