Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More On Elizabeth

I am two years old...

...and I am very independent.
...and I love baby carrots and green beans.
...and I am very attached to my 'bwankie' and still suck my left ring and middle fingers.
...and I am so not interested in potty training.
...and I love to have my brother chauffeur me around in the Cadillac.
...and I love to go on Mommy Dates or Daddy Dates.
...and I have the bestest belly laugh ever!
...and I am intent on rubbing all of my food through my hair.
...and I love to have hair bows in my hair, but if they are there, I can't stand to not be touching them. Then they come out, and I want them back in.
...and I love to take showers with Sarah Grace.
...and I am a cuddle bug.
...and my favorite phrase is 'What daa-aat, Momma? What daa-at?'
...and I will repeat anything you say. If I am in the mood, that is.
...and I love to sing.
...and I test my boundaries more than either of my older siblings did at this age.
...and I am great at making animal sounds. If I am in the mood.
...and I think that brightly lit Mexican restaurants are 'Miss-miss lights!'
...and I will repeat the same phrase over and over and over and over until somebody acknowledges my observation.
...and I have an hilarious little sense of humor.
...and I can melt my Mommy's hear with my sweet, 'I wuv you, Mamma.'
...and I am very concerned about where the members of my family are at all times.
...and, my, my, my, but I do have a temper!
...and I could sit all day long and hear you read the same book to me over and over and over again.
...and I am so very helpful. 'Help yooo, Mamma? Help yooo?'
...and I have a penchant for squirreling things away in bags, drawers, or boxes.
...and another phrase that garners lots of smiles is my sweet 'Oh, pwease, Mamma? Oh, pwease?'
...and I love to draw on the Magna Doodles.
...and I love to play Memory Match with the big kids. But my rules are different from theirs!
...and my favorite little person in the world is my sister, Anna-Nanna.
...and I still nap about two and a half to three hours every day.
...and I love to eat Nym-Nym's (M&M's)
...and I enjoy dumping the pieces out of the puzzles. Putting them back doesn't rank quite as high, though. Although I will work at it for a bit.
...and I am quite the little conversationalist.
...and my Mommy & Daddy call me Sunshine, because I have such a fun and sunny disposition, with a dash of sass and pepper thrown in!


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Wait. I thought I was Sunshine.

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

That picture is absolutely adorable! She sounds like quite the precious little 2 year old.

LRAQUILA said...

And that photograph is just classic!!!!!!!! Such a cutie...

Amy said...

I love the picture of her, she's so adorable. Love all the tidbits about her. You'll treasure that one day, I'm sure you already do :)

Potty training nanna said...

Such a sweet and adorable pic! Loved reading the tidbits :-)