Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I will post about the ins and outs of this week later. Until then, bear with me through a few vague details.

The girls and I are back on my old stomping grounds this week. I am doing a stint with my hand print business at the pre-school where I once taught children. You know, before I started giving birth to children. Thomas is keeping his regular schedule, thanks to Granny, but the girls get to go with me and be exposed to all sorts of new things.

One of those new things came flying out of a classroom as his Daddy was picking him up this afternoon.

'Daddy! There's a new girl in my class!', crowed the boy!

"Oh, really?', asked a mildly interested Dad.

'Yes. Her name is Sarah and she is my new friend. She wears a pink dress and she is so pretty! I like her, Dad!'

And so it begins...


The Bouldins said...

Wait until he finds out she's SWEET too!!! Then you're really in trouble! :)

Owen said...

I feel for you. Our daughter (about 18 months at the time) was playing at the food court in Madison Square Mall when a 2 year-old boy walks up and gives her a hug and a kiss. I thought I was going to die. ;) Then I started to dream up ideas to scare little boys away from my baby; especially when she becomes a teenager and starts to reciprocate those feelings!

Christine said...

Oh no! lol It starts way too early! ;)

TKGOFF said...

This is so cute! Just wait until Sarah Grace, Elizabeth, and Anna get to this point! Then you're really in trouble!