Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Speaking of Eating More Chicken...

We had us some more of it last night. The wonderful chicken place that uses cows to advertise for them (a scam that still gets me tickled) has Family Night on Tuesdays. So guess where we went?

And we came home cow-less!!!

Kids eat free on Tuesday nights and entertainment is provided. Arts and crafts, magicians, cows, pinatas, and the list goes on. Last night, the entertainment was balloon animals/objects. We sent Thomas and Sarah Grace and Elizabeth to join the gaggle of children crowded around a table where two high school girls worked furiously to create balloon masterpieces for each kid. Thomas quickly discovered one of his friends from Mother's Morning Out. They chatted and gestured with their hands and carried on. It was neat to watch.

Joshua loved on Anna while I put in our order, and when I joined him, he pointed out how very small our brood looked. As I looked at the group as a whole rather than just my three and the little girl that Thomas was conversing with, I saw what he meant. The other kids were head and shoulders over my little ones. Some of those kids had to be ten years old!

My heart clenched as one of the kids nearly stepped all over Elizabeth. I knew it was just because she was so little and the older boy just didn't see her, but that knowledge didn't temper the Mother Hen flare up I had. I suddenly had second thoughts about how great Family Night at a fast food restaurant really was. I gasped a little, and was poised to jump over to help her if need be, but then I saw Thomas wrap his arm around her shoulder to steady her and I knew she was alright.

Burned into my mind is the image of all those kids, and how little my kids still are. Despite how big they look to me some days, they are still small and need protection. And I am so thankful that they have been trusted to Joshua and I to give them that protection.

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The Bouldins said...

I'll turn to see my "big" girl flopping around in my shoes and am suddenly reminded that she's still pretty small :)