Monday, January 05, 2009

Buh-Bye 2008...

We spent a good portion of the day with the Fannings on New Year's Eve 'last year'. Lora stayed huddled up in her bed trying to recover most of the time, and I wandered back and forth between her and the three ring circus that is our combined families. Mostly hanging out with her, should the truth be told. Joshua and Andrew were troopers, though. Not only did they watch the seven older ones (all between 20 months and four years old), they cooked dinner as well. And then cleaned the kitchen!!
(Adam, Ian, Sarah Grace, Sam, Thomas)
(Elizabeth, Ellen)

Lora and I made the superb effort of caring for these two...

(Willa & Anna)

And though it may not sound fun to some folks, it was relaxing and enjoyable. And all the kids slept through the ringing in of the New Year. Just as they should!


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I still can't believe you got them all to look at the camera.

Anonymous said...

The Fanning/Freeman crew are a handsome lot! The gals now outnumber the guys-for the moment.
Both sets of parents seem to have the baby making part down pat. I, personally, think it's GRAND!!


The Bouldins said...

Cutie pies!

And I agree with Lora Lynn ... fourteen eyeballs looking in the same direction is AMAZING!