Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Kid Is So Mine

If there is a gene for 'smart alec', Thomas got it. However, there is an innocent twist to it. His smart alec-y-ness is sincere. He's not just goofing. He just calls it how he sees it. As if his comment last night didn't have me rolling, he busted out with another one tonight.

After a l.o.n.g. day of a lot of talking and questions coming from the children, oh, and the 4,286 times I heard my name...FROM EACH CHILD!...I had nearly lost my sanity. While at the dinner table, the children must have forgotten that there were two other adults at the table to fire their questions and comments towards. About half-way through the meal, Thomas and Sarah Grace were both vying for my attention, calling 'Mommy...Mommy?...Mommy...' I announced that I was just about ready to change my name.


For about four seconds, that is.

Then, then, THEN, Thomas looks sweetly over at me and says the following. With sincerity, love, and respect.

'Well, tomorrow, I think I will call you 'Mother' a lot more.'

As if that solves all my sanity issues. Thanks, son!


Amy said...

Haha! He gets it honest, doesn't he? Love you, thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

YES! i hear moth parents in that ine!! Gotta Love Him!!


Anonymous said...


Deeapaulitan said...

Too cute! What a little turkey!

liz said...

What a cute story. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog.