Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I recently finished a book (one that I will not call by name because it is not worth your time to read it) where a family had a live-in music teacher and a live-in school teacher and a nanny for their 8 year old, as well as a live-in nanny for their 2 year old. Oh, and a cook. The setting was relatively modern (only about 20 years ago) and the family was not particularly well-to-do. I commented to Joshua several times on how much time this must free up for the Mother and Father, to have someone seeing to all the nitty-gritty needs of their off-spring, and how relaxed the Mother must feel, knowing that her children are being cared for even if she doesn't feel like Mommy-ing on a given day. One would imagine that any time a Mother like that got with her children, she would be refreshed and at her best, and isn't that what we all want to give our kids? Our best?

With that in mind, you would think I would have been somewhat excited about the directions from my OB last week to take it easy. I was progressing too quickly towards delivery, and I needed to keep my feet up and rest while I tried to bake this bambino for a couple more weeks.

It just isn't so. Resting is something I like to do on my terms. Okay, fine, I like to do mostly everything on my terms. This resting stuff is just something we can add to the list. The first couple of days, I was more or less okay with the resting business. The fact that I was contracting pretty heavily helped me to keep things in perspective. My friend Lora managed nine weeks of bed-rest, surely I could handle two or three of just 'taking it easy.'

Diane, my precious mother-in-law, stepped in and took over the kids routines, all the meal making, all the house keeping, all of it on her shoulders. All this with hips that are making it painful for her to do what she normally likes to do, which is go ninety to nothing. Again, you would think I would be more than happy to relinquish my role as Mommy and let her take over.

No. I sat in my chair and was aggravated that she had all this on her plate and that in order for me to be the best Mommy I could be to Baby Anna, I needed to sit and be still as much as possible. I was frustrated because there are things that I want to do before the baby gets here, and errands that I want to run. Not hand them off to someone else.

Along about Wednesday, I mellowed out and accepted that I needed to rest. I was good all day long Wednesday, Thursday, and again on Friday I was good. Although Lora tends to disagree with my own special brand of good.

She humored me and brought her crew by for an afternoon filled with, well, sitting and directing from our chairs. Mostly. And every time I moved, she groused at me. Mother-hen. But I love her, all the same.

By Saturday, I'd had it. I loaded up the girls and took off to my parents house. In part, to be obstinate. But mostly so I could attend my baby sister's baby shower. Which I did. Then I promptly went to my parents house and crashed for three solid hours. I was good on Sunday, I did only what I had to do on Monday, and today it is back to the doctor's office for another check-up.

A part of me hopes that I managed to not progress much this past week. I know that each day Baby Anna stays in my belly equivalates to better health for her. A part of me is ready to just have her, because I am selfish and want things to be as normal as possible. Oh, and I am anxious to meet her. Alas, I am only 34 1/2 weeks along. I know she should be baking a tad longer.

But oh, I am so tired of that recliner. And I still haven't picked up the art of day-time television. And I can't concentrate to read, unless it is Dr. Suess. And I have crocheted until my fingers are near blistered. And I am tired of poking around online. And I would really like to give my room a thorough cleaning. And whine, whine, whine.

Yeah, I don't' know what I would actually do with myself if I had nannies and cooks and maids and school teachers all living in my home. Perhaps spend more time, um...whining?


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

my poor friend. i could have given you all the finer points of daytime television... you didn't ask.

The Bouldins said...

i wish i felt like cleaning my house :) you keep baking that baby! impatient girl can't wait to play with her siblings!!