Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Growing Family

There's a new baby in our family! My sister, Kimberly, gave birth to a sweet faced baby girl named Layla Jade on Thursday. Thomas and Sarah Grace were sufficiently impressed with their new baby cousin. They oohhed and aahhed and commented on how sweet, precious, and beautiful she is. For her part, Layla Jade looked at them with sweet little newborn eyes.

Then it was Elizabeth's turn to hold her new cousin. Elizabeth had been waiting rather impatiently for her turn, reaching out her hands and demanding 'Baby!' every few seconds or so. Once she finally had the bundle of baby in her arms, she held on tightly and gazed at Layla Jade. Elizabeth very contentedly sat there, quiet at last, and held onto that little baby. When I deemed her visiting time to be over, Elizabeth tightened her grip and hollered 'Baby!' 'Mine!' 'No!' until at last Layla Jade was pried from Elizabeth's maternal, albeit small, arms.

Elizabeth cried a bit before going to stand at the feet of my Mom, who had Layla Jade, reaching up her arms and begging 'Pfease, baby, pfease?'

Somehow, I think that Baby Anna will be a welcome addition in Elizabeth's eyes.

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Loveday's Day said...

I saw the blog and thought you had your new little girl. Congratulations on being a new aunt.