Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things I Want To Remember

Occasionally, I just need to get these things written down. Accomplishments, cutenesses, and other assorted things.

Thomas has learned to whistle. It is adorable. He sounds like a bird flitting around, twittering for all he's worth. I love it! He is so proud of himself!

Sarah Grace is becoming such a Southern Princess. She has taken to calling squishy grapes 'cherry pop pies'. Why, I may never know, but okay. The thing is, her little accent is so pronounced, 'pie' sounds like 'piaahh', or something like that. It has no spelling, really. But I get her to say it several times for me just so I can listen to that sweet voice of hers.

Elizabeth is at that age. I don't know if I really want to remember some of the things she is into, but some of them I know I do. For instance, her excitement over the cat. Every single time she sees that kitten, she shrieks. And if she sees him through the window and shrieks and points and laughs, she will run around being all excited, then go back and the process starts over. Shriek, point, laugh, walk away. Shriek, point, laugh, walk away. She is fulfilling her birthorder role as clown of the family. It is so neat to watch!

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