Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Bits

September is passing me by. Tomorrow is October 1...and the 75 day count down to Baby Anna's arrival begins!!! I am so excited to meet this little lady. Her brother and sisters are so sweet. They will walk up and pat my belly and say 'Hello, Baby Anna!.' Thomas and Sarah Grace are also very routine in giving my belly a hug and a kiss for Baby Anna. Little Elizabeth, well, she tromps around on me like I am her own personal jungle-gym. No respect for the gestating.

We have been busy around here. Day trips here and yon, with mostly quiet, family time weekends. Funny thing about those day trips and family time weekends. I have picked up on a lot of the little things that I might have missed if we were rushing to and fro. Or not in the car for longer periods of time. In fact, most of the stuff I intend to tell about are car trip moments.

On one of our trips, and mind you, these trips were in the hour to hour and a half drive time frame, Sarah Grace was singing a collection of her favorites, generously sprinkled with her own made-up music. After several round of 'You Are My Sunshine', I heard this new chant issuing forth. 'Slow down, or your gonna crash. Slow down, or your gonna crash. Slow down, or your gonna crash.' And, no joke, it sounded just like the tune to 'Fat Guy in a Little Coat, Fat Guy in a Little Coat' for those of you who are familiar with the movie Tommy Boy.

I wasn't even doing the speed limit, for those of you who are acquainted with my lead footed driving habits. And don't twist my words to suit your evil purposes. I was well under the speed limit. Not doing the speed limit doesn't always mean speeding.

Thomas, my boy, my lyrical genius, has a new favorite song that he likes to sing along with while we trek to wherever. He calls it 'Ty-yi-yi.' You might recognize it as 'Uptown Girl' by Billy Joel. Yes, yes, I know. Old school. But I love Billy Joel. It's only fitting that I warp my children's minds with his wonderfully fun music! Plus, you ought to hear that kid wail out the 'Ooooohhhhhhooooooaaaaaaaaooooohhhhhhoooooaaaaaooooooo'. Priceless, I am telling you.

Elizabeth, for her part, isn't totally disinterested in singing. It's just that she has no words. So I guess you could say she enjoys the Billy Joel music, too. It allows her to make music without the burden of language mastery. Besides, she knows how to say 'Mommy! Mama! Mama! Mommy!' and she practices her freedom of speech by yelling out to me and then waiting for me to answer, 'Yes, Lizzy?'

Her reply? A big, cheesey grin and another round of the 'Mama's'.


Anonymous said...

My gandchildren are 3rd generation Billy Joel and Beach Boys Fans-to date!! They are treated to a host of music from the diverse influence of kin and friends!


Deeapaulitan said...

Fell in love with J at a highschool choir performance where he had a solo performance of "Tell Her About It"! Wonder what is in store for Thomas if he keeps singin' the Piano Man's songs?!