Monday, August 11, 2008

Sarah Grace's Birthday Party

You should know that if things go as planned over the next couple of days, there will be much blogging to be caught up on. With many pictures. So, prepare the old eyeballs for a bit of a workout!

The princess gives a kiss to her Daddy upon receiving flowers. She loves these flowers, let me tell you!

Here is our princess and her castle cake. Which we are still eating. Come over for dessert?

Finally, we get to open presents! Look at the cool lunch box Thomas picked out for her? Do you scent the princess theme that seems to be winding it's way through our house right now?

The princess in training looks on as her sister shows her how to properly unwrap a gift.


Lora Lynn said...

that is a ginormous cake. were you expecting a house full of boys or something? :=) sorry we missed all the fun.

Amy said...

your posts are always so cute. looks like your little princess had quite a special day. the cake looked awesome!

Anonymous said...

Tyank you!