Thursday, August 21, 2008


Thomas has a new job. With the assistance of a small step stool, he is quite big enough to check the mailbox and retrieve the treasures that it holds. This is a much anticipated event in his daily schedule. Until this week, it was one of my favorites, too, but time marches on and the torch is passed.

Sounds eloquent anyway, eh?

He has a habit of jumping the gun a bit. The mail delivery around here is pretty prompt and predictable, so I am okay with letting him out at noon to check. The first day or two, he would bring in the mail, or simply report that it wasn't there. I would stand at the window or the door and watch him to be sure he obeyed all the safety rules we had talked about before he was allowed to take on this new task and be available to help him if he needed it. Thankfully, because of where we are situated in the neighborhood, the mail truck is about the only vehicle that ventures down our road between 9 am and 2 pm.

I laughed the other day as I saw him open the box, peek in, and come away with a sad look on his face. Such devastation you will hopefully never have to witness in your lives. I did, however, manage to capture the dramatics on film.

So strong was his disappointment that he sat right down all Forrest Gump style and waited for the mail truck to come.

Thankfully, his wait was not long. The mail truck was just around the corner. But I couldn't resist sharing the cuteness with you. :)


MeesheMama said...

Oh the TOTAL disappointment of an empty mailbox. Thank you so much for sharing!

Amy said...

That's so cute Aubrey! Thanks for the chuckle.

Tommy said...

I love the pictures. They remind me of me many decades ago.