Friday, August 01, 2008

I Need To Be More Specific

I had just a couple of errands to get to this morning, and I wasn't in a huge hurry to get out of the house. We needed to be at a certain store as close to ten as we could manage, so plenty of time to breakfast and dress leisurely and sneak in a bit of playtime. I was laid back and not paying just a whole lot of attention to Thomas and Sarah Grace as they dressed themselves. So I missed it.

We got everyone loaded into the van, buckled in, and down to the store. Thomas has the standing job of unbuckling himself and then his sisters so that by the time I make it around to the passenger side of the van to open the door and grab Elizabeth, he and Sarah Grace can just tumble right on out. As Sarah Grace started towards the door, she looked up at me with a very concerned expression on her face.


"Yes, Gracie?"

"I don't have on any underwear."

.........."What?! Sarah, why aren't you wearing your underwear?"

"You didn't tell me to put it on."

Duh. Thank the Lord Elizabeth's diapers will fit on Sarah Grace's little bottom. Silly girl.


The Bouldins said...

I guess you can be thankful you didn't find out she wasn't wearing underwear when she went down front for children's church in her dress, plopped herself (facing the congregation) front and center right next to the pastor and then proceeded to sit with her knees spread wide in the most unladylike fashion for the next five minutes.

I don't know whose mom (and church family) found out she wasn't wearing underwear that way.


Anonymous said...

Mimi tells of a car ride (before car seatsfor children were invented--mid last century!!) to Suday morning services,when she reached to pull me to her only to discover I had no panties on(must have been Liz's age or there abouts). And before that, they had gone to some church members house after evening services, laid the sleeping baby on a bed (me),, enjoyed fellowship and left with out me (oops--forgot my baby!)