Monday, July 14, 2008

These Things Happen

Or so I am told. It was a very busy Saturday around here for us. My parents came to town to help out with various things. My Dad and Joshua headed out to the lake to work on the property there and had a very successful day, to hear tell. My Mom came in to help watch the kids while Diane and I held a yard sale. So, it was a nice and relaxing day. The sale went well, the kids were pretty good for my Mom, and by noon, we were ready to close shop.

As we dragged everything in and prepared lunch, the kids went out to the deck where we have the pool set up. Since they managed to dump a boat load of suds in it the other day, we now have to give them a bath just so they can rinse all the soap off their little bodies. So, I called them on in, fed them their lunch and then sent them off to the bathroom to take a bath. I got caught up in the laundry room (imagine that) and essentially forgot about them. I heard happy, giggly kid noises, so I wasn't worried.

After several minutes, I heard Thomas in the living room. I glanced in to see him and asked him to run and get his lotion. As he headed out, my Mom actually went into the living room. And commented on the soaked towel in the floor. A mili-second later, I heard Granny holler from the back of the house...'The bathroom is flooded!'

I dropped what I was doing and headed back there. The floor was wet in splotches all the way up and down the hall and in the living room. Technically, the bathroom was not 'flooded'. It was just wet. An inch deep in wet. But nothing was causing more water to come out. Nothing, that is, except for Sarah Grace. Apparently she and Thomas had dunked their towels in the bathtub. Because that makes so much sense. The clean-up began. Several towels later, we felt as though the flooring would all survive.

As we grown-ups were winding up the drying cycle, Thomas made it back up the stairs with the lotion, including several blotches covering his feet and legs. Looking very proud of himself, I might add. He was one greasy kid by the time I got all of it rubbed in. Somehow, he had managed to bust the top out of the tube of lotion. Talent. Sheer, unadulterated talent in that kid.

After we got everyone lotioned and dressed, Mom and I opted to take the kids out for tater tots, a much loved treat. As we made our way down the steps (which are hard-wood, praise the Lord!) we found where several of Thomas' blotches of lotion had fallen off. People, we use a pretty pricey lotion on that boy to help keep his eczema under control. I started down the steps swiping up the stray clumps of lotion and rubbing it on my arms and legs and on Sarah Grace, who happened to be bumping down the steps with me.

The Grandmothers stood at the top of the stairs and laughed at us. But let me tell you, of all the days to have both of them on hand to help with things, this one was a good one. I forgave their laughing at me pretty quickly.

Seriously, you would think that with one adult in the house for each child, we could have managed a bit more relaxation, yes?


Lora Lynn said...

dunking towels in the bathtub is far preferable to dunking them in the toilet, which is what Ian does.

The Bouldins said...

Hee. I laugh now because I know I'll be posting stories like that soon ...