Sunday, June 08, 2008

Riding In Cars With Kids

We are driving down the road on our way to Scottsboro to spend the weekend with my parents. It is eight PM, so the kids are somewhat subdued. Occasionally I hear some quiet chatter floating from the back seat as Thomas and Sarah Grace discuss something. The radio is playing my music, and I am incredibly relaxed, my belly full, my day nearing over, the kids peaceful and a whole weekend at my parents house ahead of me.

As we round a curve, there is a break in the trees. And then, the peace is shattered.

"MOMMY!!! The MOON! The MOON! I see the MOON!!! Dere it is!!"

This comes forth from Sarah Grace. Her sudden outburst jolts me into a considerably less relaxed state. In fact, her sudden outburst causes me to jerk the wheel a tad, in turn causing the wheels to roll over the bumpity-bumps on the edge of the road. The bumpity-bumps cause the children to start chorusing "Be careful! Move over! Move over! Your to closer to the edge of the road!" Which is what I have taught them that the bumpity-bumps mean.

The ride only got noisier from there. The kids took turns shrieking about different things: oncoming headlights, how Mommy tried to run off the road, the water that reflected the moon beams, the trees that blocked their view of the moon, who had whose bwanket, and on it went. I finally gave in and turned off my music.

But, man, those first 30 minutes...heavenly.

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