Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The older two kids have been in Scottsboro since Sunday visiting with my family. Granny is in Georgia with friends for the week. Without all these early birds here to guilt me into wakefulness, I a happily hugging my pillows until 9 AM these days.

Elizabeth, like me, is not motivated to get up either. I have her sleeping on Thomas' bed downstairs with us, and if she wakes up before 9, she just hums to herself, sucks her little fingers, and is content to be lazy. That one is mine. No doubt about it there.

Yesterday, the only motivating factor that got my tail out of bed was that Joshua is down with his back again. So I chauffeured him to Huntsville to see the chiropractor. That is what will get me going again today. I have an appointment.

And I need to go pick up Sarah Grace and Thomas. The late mornings and television nights are over. It's time to start acting like a Mommy again.

Well, I still have a few hours...

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Lora Lynn said...

Mmm, lovely. No wonder you sounded so chipper on the phone.