Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And So I Laughed...

...albeit quietly.

Thomas is taking slightly shorter naps these days than the girls are. Oh, who am I kidding... plenty shorter. He is still awake half an hour after they all go down and up about half an hour before the girls are even considering consciousness. He is, however, easily entertained. I just remind him that it is still rest time and he will play quietly in his room until he is released.

Today when I checked on him, though, he insisted that he was 'grubby and need a baff. Yeah, grubby.' Hmmm...okay. My son is still young enough to request a bath. Let him have at it! I feel certain the days are soon coming when a little water splashed on his face will be his definition of a bath.

He went into the bathroom and shucked his clothing , turned on the bath water, plugged the drain, and only asked for assistance in reaching a towel so he could dry off when he was all done. I happily helped and then I trotted off to do laundry.

I came back down the stairs several minutes later, smiling because I could hear the little man belting out a brand new song that he was making up on the fly. It became giggles when I peeked around the corner and saw him laying down in the bath tub, floating a bit. Then as I stood there, listening and trying not to be seen, he started talking to himself.

'Imahero.' *pause* 'I'm a hero.' *slightly longer pause* 'I AM A HERO!!' *pause* 'I'm a hero!...I'm a hero!...I'm a hero!'

I stepped back and laughed very hard. And very quiet. Tears, people, real tears of repressed mirth were streaming down my cheeks.

Seriously, you think I could make this stuff up? And where does a not quite four year old get that kind of ego, anyway?

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Amy Cranston said...

That's great! What a funny story, one you'll want to remember for his wedding rehearsal one of these days!