Monday, April 28, 2008

More Funny Sayings

Before I had children, I loved reading the little emails that went around touting the finny things that children said. When I started teaching pre-school, I struggled not to laugh out loud at the hilarious comments that spewed forth in my class everyday. Since having children of my very own, to love and hug and call them George, I have simply learned to turn my back and hope they don't see my shoulders shaking!

Recently from Thomas:

'Mommy, can we go to Eye Balls to eat?'

'What, honey?' I asked.

'Eye Balls. Can we eat at Eye Balls? I am hungry.'

As I wonder desperately what he is talking about, I look around at the scenery that surrounds us. (We were in the car) I spotted IHOP.

'Thomas, do you mean IHOP?'

'Yes! They have good pancakes!'

And from Sarah Grace:

'Wook! Dere's Star Bones, Mommy!'

'What, honey?'

'Star Bones!'

Again, I look around me and note Lone Star on her side of the car. Note, I have only eaten in this restaurant two or three times in my life, and my kids NEVER have! Yet, Sarah Grace is excited about seeing Star Bones!

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