Monday, February 04, 2008

The Game Plan

I watched the news last night. For those of you who don't know my news watching habits, I have none. So it is news that I simply watched the news. I know the Giants won, the Patriots lost. I know that there have been a gajillion visits from presidential candidates, or her husband in a certain case, here in Alabama. I know about a recent bank robbery, a large drug bust, and a house that burned down. I know that Auburn beat Alabama in the women's basketball game, and that Tiger Woods won something. Again. Oh, and I watched the weather. In case I wouldn't have been able to tell by looking out the window today, or just listening, actually. Rain is in the forecast. Thunder too. Sweet buckets full of rain. To add to our low lakes and rivers. To refresh our plant life and wild animal life.

So with such a wet and cold week ahead of us, I will adjust the NetFlix queue such that we receive children's movies, insure that we are stocked up on popcorn, crayons and coloring books, and welcome the chance to let the kids watch absolutely more television than can possibly be good for them while I get our home packed into boxes.

Oh, and take those luxurious naps in the middle of the afternoon that I miss so much. Au revoir!

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Heather said...

Ya know...its alway good to let the rain make some good mud puddles and then release the hounds in grubby clothes for a splendid "break the rules-jump in puddles." In fact, If you want to join them I'll be happy to photography the WHOLE THING! ;)