Thursday, February 07, 2008

Flowers & Fuzz

The kids and I went to see Granny (Joshua's Mom) today. It was just one of those days where we needed a change of pace. Me to forget the packing (can you say procrastinate?), and the kids, well, to see their Granny, of course. And since we are moving to her house, then it didn't hurt that I could toss a handful, uh, trunkful of toys in with us and get them there rather than here amidst the clutter.

Our moods matched the weather as we headed out, nice and sunny. We sang along loudly and mostly on key to several of the kids favorite songs. We counted trucks. And we sang some more. 'Cuz that is just what you do when you get in a car. Sing. About twenty minutes shy of Granny's house, Thomas asked if we could 'get some flowers to Granny.' Sarah Grace thought this was a splendid idea and got worked up in true Sarah Grace fashion. And really, how can you say no to that?

We detoured away from Granny's house and found a florist. The sign read 'Simple Pleasures' Florist and Quilting. An interesting combination, if you ask me. Yes, both of those things bring me warm pleasure, but I don't think I would ever have paired them. I unloaded all three of the kids and we trekked into the store. The proprietor was busy dealing with another customer, so we moseyed around for a minute, me lusting after several of the beautiful quilting fabrics and patterns and wishing with all my might I knew the first little thing about quilting, Thomas and Sarah Grace delighting in the array of silk funeral arrangements. I was afraid I would have to talk them out of one of those arrangements for Granny, as taken as they were with them. Nothing says 'I love you' like funeral flowers.

One moment I am fingering fabric, the next, I am nearly toppling over. Thomas suddenly appeared and jerked on my shoulder bag and said "Mommy, I have to go potty. Now." As he held himself. And looked uncomfortable.

We dashed off to what I am sure was not meant to be a public restroom, but seriously, what was I supposed to do? The store owner poked her head around the corner and offered me a smile. She laughingly told me she was the proud Mommy to five and Grandmother to ten. She understood our needs.

I immediately knew I had found a friend. Quilts, flowers, kids, understanding. What else could a girl ask for?

As Thomas wrapped things up, the other customer left and Ms Shelby attended to us. She showed us some pretty potted plants and a few pre-made arrangements. Nothing suited the kids idea of 'flowers for Granny' though. So Ms Shelby took them through to the flower cooler and let the kids peruse all the flowers. They started pointing out things they liked, and she started pulling out stems. She asked me if we wanted a vase or an arrangement that could sit on an end table. We opted for the end table.

Then she took the kids behind her prep counter and let them pick out the bowl and told them about the foam that would keep the flowers watered and pretty for a long time. This took several minutes as the ribbon dispensers, balloons, colorful vases and an eclectic assortment of other floral arranging paraphernalia were all stashed back there. They emerged and Ms Shelby began cutting ferns for the kids to insert into the foam. The she showed them how to snip and break and arrange the different flowers, allowing the kids to choose where to put each bloom and push it into it's newly designated home.

The kids loved snipping the stems and tossing the unused pieces into the trash box. They exclaimed as each flower was put into place. They took turns without arguing and remembered all their manners!

Then Ms Shelby allowed them to each pick out a card and and a Happy Valentine's plastic stemmy thingy to put into the foam. Oh, at the excitement! Ms Shelby encouraged them and proclaimed this the most original and beautiful piece of floral art ever. Thomas and Sarah Grace beamed and strutted around eying the other arrangements, noticing that they really did not quite measure up. I had to agree. This was a beautiful bundle of flowers.

As the kids jumped around for a few minutes, I learned that Ms Shelby will be offering quilting classes starting the beginning of March. What lovely timing! I think I just found a new hobby...

**Note - I left the camera at home today. I thought about taking it, I really did. But Granny has a camera, and I have a thumb drive, so I could just use hers, right? Yeah, not if I don't go by her house to get it first! That and I had no way of knowing this woman would bless our day in so many ways with her friendly manner. Hello! She let my kids play in her flower shop! That being said, you have to suffer through with fuzzy images taken from the cell phone. I never knew I would be so glad to have a camera phone!


Heather said...

So precious! I look forward to moments like these!!!

MeesheMama said...

This is a day-brightening story.