Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Real Reason People Come To This Blog

As I pulled up my blog the other day, I realized the screen was full of words. There might be a few of you who check here occasionally to see what I am currently ranting about, but I know that the family folks would much rather see the pictures. Please excuse my verbosity and enjoy the many pictures of our varied holiday experiences. Oh, and Happy New Year!!!

Elizabeth meets Santa Claus. Utterly non-plussed.

Thomas claims to be to shy to sit on Santa's lap.
Sarah Grace says thanks for the goodies, now leave me be.

Just a sweet pic of the littlest Freeman.

Sarah Grace proudly shows off her Minnie Mouse!
Thomas and his new guitar!

The Princess has a new dress.

Elizabeth all dressed up in her Christmas outfit. Doesn't she look thrilled?

Thomas learning to use the remote control to his cool new car!

Sarah Grace in her cutie Christmas outfit. This is the best shot we could get of that girl. She is a constant blur of motion.More Thomas and new car antics.

Elizabeth entertaining her cousin Jon.

Thomas and Sarah Grace watching Santa's cookies bake.

Sarah Grace putting on her chapstick. Her Yip Tick.

Still applying three minutes later...
...and, oh wait, a sucker!

Now, back to the beauty fest.

Elizabeth playing with her stocking. Not so thrilled, but hey, there's the camera!

This little plum of a toy entertained her for nearly five minutes!

The Cozy Crocs, which were the biggest Christmas hit. Go Santa!

Daniel Boone has nothing on my Thomas!

Elizabeth's favorite Christmas passtime...gnawing anything she could get her hands on!

Still applying...

Scouting again...

Sarah Grace shows off her Cozy Crocs, her new apron (not a sundress) her new necklaces, and her Princess crown. Guess what's in her hands? You got it... Yip Tick.
The yummy Monkey Bread that Sarah Grace helped make with her new 'stirrer' and mixing bowls, all while wearing her apron.

Rocking her baby to sleep in it's new cradle while talking on the phone to Pepop and keeping an eye on her Emm-nee-Emms (M&M's for y'all who don't speak pre-schooler!) A Mommy's work is never where's my Yip Tick?


Lora Lynn said...

i like your words. i'm just too lazy to comment on them. i'd rather pick up the phone. and your kids are cute, too.

Stacia said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. The kids are getting big, and they are so cute.