Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Random Facts of Cuteness

I love how Thomas will get Lizzy down from her high chair and carry her to the living room. He slides his arms around her and grips them together under her arms, then bear hugs her all the way to the carpet. Then he very carefully lays her down, drops to his knees, and starts blowing raspberries on her belly. She gazes at him adoringly as he frees her from her confining chair and laughs hysterically as he tickles her and plays with her.

Sarah Grace is obsessed with being a Princess Ballerina. She corrected a lady at church the other day who asked if she was a dancer. She said, 'No, I'm a Bincess Bowdaweena.'

My kids love the car carts at Kroger. Green is generally their first choice, but often gets tossed over for blue. Not red. No, never red.

Thomas has a small Jesse doll from Toy Story 2. He likes to carry her around in his pocket, and goes through phases where Jesse does everything with him.

Sarah Grace, not to be outdone, has a small Happy Meal doll she has named Recipe. It cracks me up to see her cuddle the thing, which is UGLY, and croon about her favorite Recipe.

Thomas and Sarah Grace are infatuated with Elmo's goldfish, Dorothy. We often have long, drawn out conversations on what Dorothy eats, how she breathes under the water without getting water in her ears or nose, and how she talks. She is also an avid lover of music. According to Sarah Grace, her favorite song is ' Jesus Loves Me'.

Sarah Grace has inherited her Mommy's somewhat annoying habit of making songs out of anything. Or simply changing lyrics to better suit her. Her current favorite is a take off on "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam'. Insert 'Reindeer' for 'Sunbeam'. This irks Thomas to no end, and he will shout from the back seat as we drive along, 'No! SUNBEAM, Sawuh. Geeeesussssss wants me for a SUNBEAM! Not Reindeeeeeeerrrrrrr!' To further annoy him, or just to expound on her creativity, she has also been known to exchange 'Sunbeam' for 'Spaceship' anytime we pass by the Space and Rocket Center. Imagine, 'A spaceship, a spaceship, Jesus wants me for a spaceship.' It's great.

Thomas rather enjoys being a boy and having the ability to pee where ever, when ever. He came in the house a couple of weeks ago with no underwear or pants. Just shirt and shoes. (He had to have taken off the shoes to get the pants off. Why it occurred to him to put the shoes on and not that pants is beyond me) When I asked where his pants were, he promptly informed me he had pooped by the wood pile and peed on the wood pile. I realize this isn't exactly cute, but it did make me laugh.

Elizabeth prefers to play in her brother's room as compared to anywhere else in the house, except maybe the bathtub. She has started beelining towards his doorway anytime I put her down to play on the floor, which is often. But I promise you she looks up at me on her way. I wonder if she is asking, or taunting me, saying catch me if you can!!

Ashanee and Ryan (Ashley and Ryan are cousins of Joshua and the kids) sleep over quite often. They also ride the bus several times a day. The fact that they live in Birmingham and we haven't seem them in a couple of months and they have never been to our house does not put a damper on the level of their activity in our home.

Plastic Kroger bags keep appearing all over the house, filled with random toys. Sarah Grace is 'packing to Ganny's'.

And that is all for today. Hope your enjoying the sunshine!!

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Amy Cranston said...

These are priceless! What cute little kids! You better write these in a book or something! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!