Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Pictorial Review

It has been a bit of a busy week around here. Lots to keep up with... but I will post on that one in a minute!! ;-) So, here is a quick picture synopsis of what we have been doing...

Thomas and Sarah Grace helped Daddy carve a pumpkin. We even roasted the seeds, but Mommy put to much garlic on them! I have no idea why they have their mouths covered in this picture, but it is cute, eh?

Here, you see Thomas in a sleeping pose that, well, words just can't define.

Elizabeth has been taking a morning bath lately, and here she is cuddled up in Mommy & Daddy's bed keeping warm afterwards. She cozied right on down and made herself comfortable!

Sunday morning, I thought I would try to roll Sarah Grace's hair. She got a kick out of walking around with the rollers in her hair, but the end result was hardly noticeable. She, however, pronounced herself 'preddy'.

Since Elizabeth is beginning to sit up a little better, I have been known to toss her in the tub with the other two. They think this is just THE coolest thing ever and love to 'swim' to her.

Thomas loves his cowboy hat that he got for his Halloween costume, and the felt hat I used to love so much has been resurrected as one of Sarah Grace's favorite accessories. Here you see Maw and Paw taking care of Baby while they enjoy an episode of Sesame Street. 'Hewwo, Dorofee' they say to Elmo's goldfish, Dorothy!

And there you have it. The cutest kids ever!