Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little Liz

We are creeping up on the six month milestone in Elizabeth's life. Time flies, let me tell you. I remember all to clearly when her sister and brother came to meet her for the first time at the hospital. They gave her a once over, and then essentially ignored her. Since then, they become more infatuated with her daily. They are constantly hugging and kissing her and making faces to get her to laugh. As I type, Sarah Grace is repeatedly making a quacking sound that has Elizabeth laughing out loud.

People told me that number three would be the hardest. In some way I completely agree. Joshua and I are outnumbered. Thomas and Sarah Grace have a very similar routine, but Elizabeth's is incredibly different. It takes longer to dress everyone, load everyone into a vehicle, feed everyone, bathe everyone, yadda, yadda, yadda. Those are the 'hard' parts. Here is the easy part. Elizabeth is the happiest baby. Even if she if fussing, a little attention goes a long way. She entertains herself quite well for her age, and in content to sit in a swing/bouncer/jumparoo or lay on a blanket as we go about our rowdy business. She laughs and smiles and coos and sings. She has a high pitched shriek of happiness that makes us cover our ears, but at least it's a joyful noise! She has her diva moments, but is overall a wonderful baby. A very social little creature.

At the not quite six month mark, Elizabeth can almost sit up by herself. She loves to taste everything. Food, books, toys, toes, you name it. She can get her little legs scrunched up under her and push up on her arms, though her bum still rests on her heels. She can squiggle and wiggle her way over to a toy or person and rolls around at will. She is getting quite an appetite and enjoys eating baby foods or sampling from our plates. She sleeps through the night (and has for about 4 months!), enjoys bath time, and does not like dirty diapers. She drools by the bucketful, so maybe we will see some tooth action soon. She loves any kind of music; piano, guitar, singing, radio, Sarah Grace & Thomas duets, and song birds. She adores the out of doors, and I place her in her bouncer as I hang laundry on the line or push the older ones in their swings. She is a cuddle-er and will curl into a little ball as she covers her eyes and enjoys her bottle. She is such a joyful baby girl and I am so very thankful she is a part of our family!

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