Wednesday, August 01, 2007


It being the South, it shouldn't surprise you to hear that today was hot. It being August in the South, it shouldn't surprise you to hear that the day was very hot. The kids managed to play outside for two full hours this morning. From 8am until just after 10am, we were playing with a giant Frisbee, checking out all parts of a vehicle at kid level, sidewalk chalking, running in senseless circles while laughing uproariously, and so on. By 10:30, they were vegged out on the couch. Since we missed Sesame Street, I allowed them to watch the 10:30 PBS show. Barney. Sigh. How I do not like that overgrown lizard, let me count the ways. But the kids needed the sitting time, and I needed a few minutes to myself.

After Barney, we made lunch, ate lunch, cleaned up our mess, and then got ready for nap. Four books later, I tucked them in. Three minutes later, they were asleep. By 12:00. An hour earlier than normal, but they were nodding off during the reading . And then, they proceeded to sleep for three and a half hours! Since we have been sick all week, I figured they needed the rest.

At about 3:30, they came prancing into the living room chanting "what can we do? what can we do?" I fed them some snack and juice then we went to fill up the swimming pool. Where they played for nearly two hours. Or stayed for nearly two hours. I peeked out the window at one point, thinking it was eerily quiet, to find my children lounging in the pool, chatting away. Now, two things here. I did send them out in swim wear today. Usually, I let them swim nekkie, but today, I had suited them. The undoing was all on their own. Also, I had to take the chairs out of the water and break up their conversation. We just inflated that pool today and I did not want a hole in it!

What, you may ask, was Elizabeth doing all this time? Well, she went down at 1pm and slept until a smidge past five. I however, did not get a nap. I so hope these kids sleep tonight!!!


Christine said...

Very cute pictures! Isn't it so hard not to be able to get a nap? My little Anastasia is great about napping, but my older two are too wired to sleep during the day.Anastasia tends to nurse frequently at night. This makes for one very sleepy mommy. I hope you can catch some zz's soon!

The Bouldins said...

Precious! Such sweetness.