Monday, July 02, 2007

Snack Time

Recently, Thomas and Sarah Grace were introduced to the yumminess of blueberries. I am not a blueberry eater, not plain ones, anyway, and it honestly had never occurred to me to feed my kids blueberries. However, it was a popular introduction. They loved the things, and I soon had to say 'no more'. Too much of a good thing, ya know?

While visiting with my Mom, I was telling her about how much the kids had enjoyed the blueberries. She laughed and said mysteriously, 'Let's take a walk.' So, we grabbed up the kids and wandered off to the lower part of their property. The first thing I noticed were these two apple trees. Bearing fruit, no less! I was surprised, not that there were apples on them, but that they were there. I had never seen them. (not one pf my more perceptive moments, I tell you) As I was chattering on about the apple trees, my mom sat down in front of a skimpy blueberry bush. It was suffering from the lack of rain in recent months, but bearing some plump berries, nonetheless.

Mom showed Thomas and Sarah Grace how to pick the fat blue berries and told them not to go after the purplish ones. The kids were in heaven. They had so much fun, picking their afternoon snack right off the bush. To my amazement, they caught on right away about only picking the ripe ones. I never saw a sour face. Now, I need to figure out the best place to plant our own blueberry bush here at home...


Anonymous said...

I need tech support!!! I can't see these on my home PC.


Amy Cranston said...

I love these pictures. They are precious. Hey, who's the author of that Train up a child book you were telling me about? Can you email it to me?

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Little loves blueberries, too. She enjoyed eating them straight from the bush at her Nana's when we were visiting recently.

Beautiful pictures and fun memories made!