Friday, July 20, 2007

Little Bit of Family Fun

Last night, a few young families from our church got together to go to the Botanical Gardens. I was afraid the weather would rain us out, but instead it just cooled off the evening and sent a wonderful breeze our way. Made the evening downright perfect for playing outside with our munchkins and visiting with each other.

The Gardens have set aside a place specifically for children. It is wonderfully whimsical, with giant butterflies, bubble machines, misters, all sorts of fountains that the kids can play in, Hobbit doors, towering sunflowers, and just so many different things for the kids to explore and play with. It also has an access point to the Butterfly House, where there are plenty of butterflies, turtles, frogs, and even a type of quail.

The kids had a ball romping about, laughing and schreeching, checking out every little thing and getting soaked in the fountains. The grown ups chatted with each other and strolled about, basking in the freedom to let their kids basically run about free on the extremely kid-friendly terrain. It was a super time and a wonderful visit for all of us. Can't wait to do it again!

Where are those rascally turtles??

Aubrey & Elizabeth on the bridge watching all the butterflies and people.

Checking out the turtles in the Butterfly House.

Thomas and Sarah Grace love sandboxes!

Michael, Emma, Will, & Thomas

Thomas, Emma, Sarah Grace getting soaked in one of the fountains!
Sarah Grace & Thomas playing in the fountains...still!

Checking out what things look like through the kaleidescope.

The water that said "Drink Me" magically shrunk us so we could all fit into this one chair!


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

The botanical gardens look like such fun! And what a wonderful place to let the kids run around while the adults visit.

The picture of all of you in the big chair is great!

Anonymous said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!