Monday, July 09, 2007

July 4

Joshua's family has celebrated Independence Day at the lake for many years now. I have loved joining in with them for the last nine years. Some really good times and a lot of special memories have been made by Joshua and I at that lake. We really enjoy going and taking our kids to a place that is so special to us. Seeing as how the holiday fell in the middle of the week this year, and we had to set out for Scottsboro on Thursday to help with wedding preparations, we only spent a short time there. We drove in Tuesday night, played Wednesday, and left Thursday after lunch. We did, however, manage to squeeze quite a bit of fun into that time frame.

The kids were so excited about their new swim suits that they insisted on sleeping in them the first night they tried them on. You would think this would bode well for our swimming adventures to come, right? Not so much. Joshua and I took Thomas and Sarah Grace down to the lake to swim for a bit. Their first real time in the water besides the kiddie pool in the back yard this year. They were not what you would call excited. Sarah Grace won the bravery award, though. She actually floated in her life vest without anyone holding onto her. Thomas needed arms around him and his arms around somebody's neck in a choke hold.

Thomas took a fall from the back deck. Six or so feet straight down into a patch of ivy. My little man had taken a run for his Papa Joe, misjudged where he was going, and went flying off the deck. I, thankfully, did not witness this mis-adventure. I don't know how my heart is going to survive raising a boy. And to think, I still want more... Thomas came away with a scratched up place on his back, and I would imagine a headache. My head would have hurt, anyway.

Traditionally, we ride the boat over to the park and watch the fireworks from the water. This year, since little Lizzy did not have a suitable life vest, Sarah Grace, Liz, and I stayed with Granny to watch from the deck. The boys went out on the boat and Thomas enjoyed the ride and the show, to hear the tale.

Elizabeth, well, she was completely at her ease. She slept the majority of the time, ate quite a bit, and enjoyed the view from the swing. She was charming when she was awake, and peaceful when she was asleep. Just as a baby should be!

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The Bouldins said...

I love that Thomas and Sarah Grace insisted on sleeping in their swimsuits. I can't remember the last time I was that excited about a new article of clothing :)

And I had to reread about Thomas's fall because I was sure I had misread. SIX FEET! Ow!

Elizabeth looks so content.