Friday, June 15, 2007

Goings On

One would think that with the weather getting hotter and hotter, we would be staying home more and I would have more time to regale you with stories of our lives. Not so much, though. We spend more time gone these days than we do here at home, and the blog suffers. It is the only thing. Well, laundry. It's clean, but not folded or ironed or hanging. Mostly sitting around smelling good and stuffed into laundry baskets. But, it's clean, I tell you.

So, here is a run down of our past week or so in pictures, not so many words. But I have some up my sleeve. It's just a question of finding the right laundry basket with the right sleeve in it...

The hot topic at our house these days is Christmas. Thomas is bound and determined that Santa Claus is going to come and bring us a Christmas tree. So, not only are we still singing Christmas Carols, the kids are holding out for a Christmas tree. It's got me thinking that maybe we will have Christmas in July! For now, though, here is the Christmas tree that the kids sang around the other day.

We baked cookies as we sang our Christmas carols. Sarah Grace is 'mixing' our dry ingredients. She had a blast shaking that ice cream bucket as she pranced around the kitchen shouting Jingle Bells!

While Sarah Grace was shaking things up, Thomas was carefully stirring the wet ingredients for our cookie concoction. He was very diligent in his work, and very careful as well.

I just couldn't resist posting this shot of Sarah Grace. I have no idea why she looked so fierce, but it makes for a cute photo op!

Elizabeth ready and set to go with her Daddy on their nightly star gazing walk. She star gazes and he Liz gazes, I think. She very contentedly lays her head back and inspects everything she sees on their walks, and enjoys herself immensely. It also helps to calm her night time fussiness. =)

We spend quite a bit of time at church these days. I help out with the nursery and have learned that any day that I need to work there, the kids love to go and play with a different set of toys for a while. Above is Trey (left) and Elizabeth (right) snoozing as their siblings roam around creating chaos and the mommies visit and make plans.

And here are some of the siblings! There are at least three somewhere...

And there you have it. Another week come and gone. Have a great weekend, folks!


Lora Lynn said...

love the line about "up your sleeve in a laundry basket somewhere." nice one.

The Bouldins said...

I am quite impressed with the height of their Christmas tree!