Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Best Friend

You know you aren't paying enough attention to your blog when your best friend nags you to update it. My best friend, who shall remain nameless in case her status changes, has done just that. It was only one short sentence, but it counts. Trust me. If I don't respond, she will follow up, bringing out the heavy ammunition.

In an effort to please this precious person in my life, let me make a blog entry. In fact, let me just tell you about her. She knows first hand the hectic-ness that is my life right now, she understands my need to try to juggle way to many things at once (yet still supports me), she loves me despite all my faults, doesn't mind when I cut her off in mid-sentence to, shall we say, talk to my children, she has spent hours (perhaps we should measure this one in weeks, or even months...) laughing and crying with me, and is currently winning the child bearing competition (just cuz she managed twins the first time!). She listens to my gripes and complaints and doesn't feel the need to solve it for me. She is an amazing source of information (due to her researching habits), has a wonderful sense of humor, and lets me 'shop' in her closet. She has great taste in clothes (though I am still waiting for the arches in her feet to flatten a tad so that I can share her shoes, too!) She prays for me even when I don't ask her to, because she loves me. She calls for a one minute conversation just to say she was thinking about me and my family. Are we okay? She (okay, with help from her wonderful husband Andrew) manages to find the coolest board/card games and they and Joshua and I entertain ourselves for hours with these games and a bowl of diced peaches or watermelon or bottles of different flavored sparkling ciders. When, er, IF my kids were ever to make me crazy, I can call her and vent for a couple minutes and then promptly say thank you and hang up. She is not offended. She dropped everything to come live with me the week before my wedding, even though she was pregnant (with the twins), and make sure that my sanity stayed in tact. She is a wonderful cook, has the coolest socks (and yes, this is important), and gives great book recommendations. She listens to good music, loves chocolate (also very important), and gives her vehicles funny names. She is an amazing Mommy to her four kids, a splendid surrogate aunt to my children, and the best sister a girl could ask for. (I have often wished she were my real sister...then again, I might not like her quite so much...hmmm) She was the best room mate, then a great neighbor. There is tons more, and I could write for quite a while on some of the things we have shared over the last ten years or so.

Don't get me wrong...she has her faults. She won't watch movies or read books that make her cry, thus missing out on some of my favorite chic flicks. Her foot is smaller than mine (I am sure I mentioned that already) so I cannot take advantage of her massive shoe collection. Oh, and she lives several states away. And has the audacity to nag me about posting pictures or words or whatever on some webpage. Imagine that. Despite these obvious flaws, I am looking forward to the next ten years (and more).

Aubrey & Lora Lynn (with two babies in her belly!)


Lora Lynn said...


I guess you showed me.

And thanks for finding a good picture. I swear I don't know who that girl is in the picture with you. She left.

You just wait. You'll get yours....

Anonymous said...

You are bith blessed! Grandaddy Bergman always said "if you have one true friend in a lifetime---you are blessed". now, from a motherly perspective-- I once looked in an apartment window and mistook Lora Lynn for Aubrey (whom I gave birth to) Ya'll remember? You are truely two amazing women. I wish you both a Happy Mothers Day-everyday!


Clark and Laura Forman said...

What a beautiful post! You have such a way with words....thanks for sharing about your friendship with Lora Lynn!! And thanks for even adding a pic :)