Wednesday, April 11, 2007

These Days...

We are all home and learning to adjust to the new family structure. Elizabeth Hope is camping out in a bili-bed, as her bilirubin count is still a tad high. Chalk up another carrot kid for Joshua and I! Though we have learned several interesting facts that could likely be the cause of our 3-0 count on jaundiced infants. Blood types factor in, a possible genetic liver disorder that only surfaces as infant jaundice. And here I was stressing that my kids just weren't getting enough to eat during those first few days. But no, Elizabeth, though not gaining, is holding her own. So, anyway, she spends her days and nights tanning and I spend mine catching cat naps in between her every two hour feedings, which Sarah Grace has stepped in to help with a little.

Thomas and Sarah Grace are loving the 24/7 attention from Granny (Joshua's mom). They have been busy, busy, busy. Coloring, playing outside, watching videos, eating anything they can wheedle their way into, helping to clean up, and other assorted things. Yesterday, they decided to just crawl in the toy box with the toys rather than strew them all over the place. Fine by me. Less for them to clean up later!

They also had their first pool time yesterday afternoon. Sans the water. Nevermind that they have a swing set with a big slide and a Little Tyke small slide...they needed the pool slide. The pool has been turned upside down, floating around our yard all winter long (it refused to stay tied down in one spot, finicky thing) and occasionally jumping the fence to visit the grass on the other side. The kids have delighted in thumping on the top of it, stashing toys or themselves under it, and lounging on it. Yesterday, I sat at the window and laughingly cheered them on as they attempted, and finally succeeded in flipping the thing over. It is filthy on the inside, and I was ever so grateful they were in play clothes. Then, they contented themselves for quite some time. When Joshua got home from work, the kids invited him into the pool with them. Cute stuff, eh?

Joshua is working three jobs these days. His paying job, so to speak takes up his time from 8-5, then he takes on my job as errand runner during his lunch breaks or on his way home from work, or sometimes even after the kids are in bed, he winds up making a quick jog over to Wal Mart. Then there is his other job. You know...the Husband/Daddy gig? Bless the poor man, he is a real trooper. I am ever so thankful for what a sweetheart he is.

This week, we have the added bonus of having Granny here. She is keeping my kids occupied, my laundry done, my food cooked, my kitchen clean (with Joshua's help) and my sanity in tact. Everyone should be as fortunate as I am to have such a wonderful 'other mother'. I know Papa Joe is missing her...hopefully he won't waste away to nothing this week! I have heard tale that he knows how to cook, though, so I am encouraged.

All in all, we are good, just a bit sleep deprived. But then what home with an infant isn't?? We are thrilled to have Elizabeth here to hold in our arms and shower her with love and excited to see the little lady she will become. Excited too, about the journey she has to get there!


Lora Lynn said...

I'd like to point out that, at last, one of your kids is half pantless. It ain't just me.

Clark and Laura Forman said...

i am just impressed that you still make time to blog! though i am very happy to see pics and keep up with happenings in the freeman household :)

The Gossett's said...

yah! She's here! We are so excited for you guys!!! The picture of Thomas and Sara Grace looking so thrilled is hilarious! I can't wait to meet little Elizabeth. Beautiful classy:-)