Sunday, April 01, 2007

In Retrospect

My parents were absolute gems this past weekend. They took Thomas for the entire weekend to give me a much needed break from two kids. Thomas had a great time. He went camping, sort of, played in the dirt, went to Wal-Mart (ask him...this is a treat), watched boats, played with other kids, helped dig in the flower gardens, and got to stay up late. I know there is more, but those seem to be the highlights.

Sarah Grace was an only child this weekend. She usually loves to have an evening with Joshua or me one on one, but it seemed daunting to her that her 'Nomas' was gone for so long. She was a tad clingier than the norm for these days, but a bundle of joy, no less. She sleeps later than Thomas, so that was a wonderful treat. And when she does wake up, she can occupy herself in her room for quite a while before she feels the urge to come tromping into our room.

We missed our Thomas, though. All of us. It is always nice to have a change of pace, but it is even nicer to get all the little cubs back in the den. We played lots this evening. I found a sit and spin (one without the need for batteries to make noise or light up!) that Sarah enjoys standing on, but Thomas got the hang of right away. He even made room for his sister and let her spin with him, sweet brother that he is. They romped around in the yard together, and Thomas insisted on taking Sarah Grace on a wagon ride. Then, since we bypassed it this afternoon, we went to QDoba for dinner.

Qdoba is becoming a Sunday afternoon Freeman ritual. The kids are only so so when it comes to eating the food (chicken quesadillas and chips) but they get terribly excited at the prospect of going to QDoba. Joshua and I like the food, and if the kids don't eat much, well, kids plates are free on Sunday!

After dinner, we trooped home and played until 9:00 when we finally said it was bedtime. No arguments from our Sarah Grace, who was running around in her brother's shoes and rubbing her tired eyes. Thomas resisted a tad, but after singing Pop Goes the Weasel and saying prayers, he was out pretty quickly.

We did find time for a belly shot or two. Laura, I know you requested one, and I am so sorry it is so long in coming. I keep saying to wait until I feel pretty. Let me tell you, this late in the game, I just don't have a lot of pretty feelings. Two weeks from today, folks! We are so ready to meet this new person the Lord is adding to our family!


Clark and Laura Forman said...

I loved it!!! :) Thank you so much for putting the pictures of your belly on here for us to see!! I think you look absolutely beautiful!! When I scrolled down on your blog, I got a huge smile on my face, I think it was because I saw that you made a reference to me in your blog, thanks friend!! :)

Lora Lynn said...

you... are... cute.

so are your kids. but you get the prize this week.