Monday, February 05, 2007

Squeaky Clean

We didn't get to tub time until bedtime tonight. The whole day has been like that. About an hour off balance. But the kids have been excellent today. It has been a really good day for everyone. Nothing particularly special, just good.

So, tub time. Thomas is an excema victim, and this time of year and this kind of weather makes for a really tough time for him. We do oatmeal baths, use special soaps and lotions, and just try to keep him moisturized as best we can. Being a little boy, he does not get real excited about any of this. Tell Sarah Grace you are making her pretty, and she will stand for most anything. Tell Thomas that, and he is still just as impatient to get back to his trucks. He cooperates, but with that kind of restrained energy that boys are labeled for.

Tonight, as we did the Exit Routine from the bath, I slathered lotion thickly all over Thomas. Head to toe, and back again, just for good measure. Then, because we have been having a really hard time with his poor little scalp, I doused my hands in the lotion again, and proceeded to rub it all over his scalp. Then, we dried the kids hair with the hair dryer. Sarah Grace looked all clean and neat and ready for bed. (Why is it that I clean my kids to go to bed rather than to face the day?) Thomas, well, he didn't fare so well. As the pictures show, he is now our Thom-a-saurus.

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