Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sleeping Habits

Thomas has broken the safety bed rails that we put on his bed to help insure him not falling off. This takes talent, and every time he sees the broken rail (Daddy is trying to fix it), he proudly announces "I bwoke it, Mommy, I bwoke it." What can you say to that?

So, anyway, we have quickly adjusted to not having rails on his bed, and he has made the transition quite nicely. I suppose, as far as he is concerned, I am not in a hurry to get the rails repaired. Gracie stays on her bed just fine with a rail on one side, and Thomas seems to be doing great with no rails anymore. In fact, I rather think he likes the new found freedom of not being caged onto his bed. He sure does slip off of it more frequently after bedtime. For those of you who don't know our house rule concerning bedtime, it goes like this. If you are a kid you go to your room, we tuck you in and say prayers, and then as long as you stay in your room and do not kick the walls or bang on things, you are free to stay up if you feel the need. This works great. Sarah Grace rarely gets up (she is begging for bed by 7 generally) and Thomas usually goes down pretty quick.

Not so since the breaking of the bed rails, however. He is staying up later and later, and for now, thankfully, sleeping in later and later. 7:30 this morning. And if you are one of those families whose kids sleep in until 8 or 9 on a daily basis, bless you, and now don't come bragging to me. We are so grateful for 7:30. Beats the heck out of 6. Stepping off the soap box now, when we check the kids before we go to bed, we are finding Thomas in the strangest places, as he doesn't seem to want to get back on the bed these days. (used to, he would turn on his light, play until he was tired, turn off the light, and crawl back into bed) One night, we found him curled under the chair in his room with his 'baby' and blanket. Snoring loudly. Otherwise, I might not have found him. Last night, he must have been feeling some cowboy stirrings, for we found him with his lower half of his body under the bed and the upper half sticking out, with his head resting on his stick horse. We laughed, and turned on the light and took pictures.

He slept through it all.

Yesterday, we were out for the majority of the morning. I was a horrible Mommy and forgot to pack a lunch, so when we arrived at the chiropractor's office at noon, I started handing out these little things that Gerber calls fruit puffs. They ate half the cannister before I put it away and said they would hold until we got home. They never did eat lunch yesterday. The zonked out on the way home, and were limp little ragdolls as I carried them inside and put them into their beds. Sarah woke up just long enough to ask for her 'bwanket' and 'babee' and was out again. Thomas never blinked. He stretched out in the wonderful sunbeam that was streaming directly over his bed and napped for nearly 3 hours. He looked like such a little man that I couldn't resist this shot.

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The Bouldins said...

I found your blog through a comment left on another. I love your bedtime rule (as did my husband) and plan to utilize it once our little one is old enough to "free" herself from her bed.