Friday, February 16, 2007

Oatmilk, anyone?

So, we are home sick today. Kids with temperatures, colds, upset stomachs. Makes for an exciting day. But, considering I have been busier than normal, it was almost a welcome break. To stay home and just hang out with my kids, do a bit of catch up cleaning on the house, just be. Oh, and the nap in the middle of the day was luxurious. Necessary, since Thomas rolled out of bed at six am, but luxurious, nonetheless.

I did take Thomas back to his room, tuck him back into bed, and said see ya later, pal. It is not time to get up yet. He obliged and went back to sleep. We made it until almost seven. However, mean Mommy that I am, I made them stay in their rooms until 730 so I could get a shower and feel somewhat prepared for the day.

The popular question of the morning is always, what's for breakfast? The answer that I get the majority of the time is OATMILK! If you missed the last translating blog entry, that means oatmeal. So, I mixed up some oatmeal, plopped it into a bowl and started shoveling it into their mouths. It took about two bites for each kid for me to realize that I did not want to feed them. So, I divided it out into two smaller bowls, plastic, I might add, and gave it over to the kids.

After watching them for a couple minutes to make sure all was under control, I went off to vacuum and start some of that housework that just never quits. When I went back to check on them, this is what I was greeted with. Cute, eh?

As you can see, Sarah Grace gave up on the spooning bit. She did the shovel and shove game, and must have been concerned about her hair at some point, given that there was enough oatmeal up there to feed, well, something, anyway. Thomas faired much better, as he has had quite a bit more practice with a spoon. However, I had to snap his picture, too, when he saw the camera out.

Needless to say, the kids had a bath this morning.


Lora Lynn said...

priceless. hooray for mommy naps!

The Gossett's said...

How cute....well, for me to look at! It may not have been so cute to clean, huh?! You can tell they are having FUN!!!