Sunday, January 07, 2007


'Oh, my goodness! Bwess my soul!' This phrase is often to be heard around the Freeman household as of late. Correctly, too, I might add. Thomas will drop something or bump into something or be surprised by something and out pops some silly phrase. 'Howy cow' is another, which translates into holy cow, and 'oh, dear' can be heard loud and clear for a variety of reasons. A personal favorite, 'Let me tell you' is how he frequently introduces himself into conversation.

While Sarah Grace doesn't have quite the use of her vocabulary that Thomas does, she will often be heard (repeatedly) calling 'gaket, gaket!' (jacket or blanket, which ever one it is she is after) 'up', which could mean up or down or in or out or help. Also, when she does get her beloved jacket on her little body, she immediately starts patting her head with both hands and demanding 'hut', pronounced hat by you and me. She will also poke her little fingers into your mouth, eyes, nose, and ears as she cheerily calls out 'ouths', 'eyez', 'nooz', or 'eerz'.

Frequently, after these episodes, you can hear Thomas calling out 'tiss it' (kiss it) as Sarah Grace has jammed her finger more harshly than intended. Thomas is also quick to offer to 'tiss it' should he hear me or Joshua, or even Sarah Grace yelp in pain over some small incident. In his mind, a quick 'tiss' makes it 'allll better. otay?'

Another laugh at our house would be our mimicking Sarah Grace. One afternoon on a family car ride, Joshua and I were chatting back and forth and he yelled out 'WOOT, WOOT'. To our great entertainment, Gracie called back to him, 'oooo, hoot!' Then there is Thomas and his 'it stuck'. This could mean that something is actually stuck, or that he is stuck. Being crammed into his car seat results in a loud 'IT STUCK' and 'OPEN IT' several times before he accepts the fact that he is going to have to stay put.

Mornings are greeted with 'duice, pwease, I need duice' (juice) from Thomas, with Sarah Grace echoing sweetly, 'duice?' Another morning favorite is the plaintive answer 'oatmilk' (oatmeal) when I ask what they want to eat. When I announce Diaper Time, Sarah Grace has been known to drop whatever she is doing and lay down right there, sticking her feet high into the air, waiting patiently for the clean diaper, while Thomas hollers 'Wadies first' (Ladies first) and runs off to another room to put off his Diaper Time for as long as possible. Then, as soon as the dirty duds are all done, Sarah Grace starts chanting 'tash, tash' and Thomas obliging manipulates the baby lock so that she can toss any waste into the cannister.

At computer time, Thomas climbs up into my lap and begs for me to 'say Thomas on tumputer.' So, we go to Word and write 'Thomas', then 'Saywuh', then any other word or letter that Thomas can think of. Around lunch and dinner time, if I am wondering out loud what to make, I hear 'pish sticks' (fish sticks). This is a favorite of my children, despite the fact that I can't stand fish. Ironic how these things work out, eh?

I know there are several more phrases that spout from their mouths every day, but these are some of my favorites. I know the list will grow, and some things will drop off. I write them down for my memory and to share some of our sunshine with you. Blessings.

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Carole said...

I just linked to your site after reading the many comments posted at Amy's Humble musings. I love your kids' funny sayings. Very cute. I just had my third baby in August, so I wish you well and hope that the sleeping gets a little better before then!